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Kingsman The Golden Circle Review

After the huge and somewhat surprise success of the first Kingsman movie it is no real shock to see Matthew Vaughn back in the director’s chair for this the second instalment in the franchise. Colin Firth, Taron Egerton, Mark Strong, Edward Holcroft and Sophie Cookson all reprise their roles from the first movie with Halle Berry, Pedro Pascal, Channing Tatum and Jeff Bridges joining the cast as Kingsman’s American counterpart agency “Statesman”. It’s great to see Vaughn continues with his use of high energy highly explosive action scenes combined with the same crazy mix of overly exaggerated high technology gadgets that makes this movie very much a fun take on the James Bond movies.

Kingsman the Golden Circle picks up a year after the events of the last movie which saw The Kingsman agency saving the world from Richmond Valentine. This time round the agency headquarters are destroyed leaving only Eggsy and Merlin as the only surviving members. After they invoke there doomsday plan they are lead to their US sister agency known as Statesman. These two agencies must then combine in their struggle to save the world from a common enemy. Colin Firth also returns in his role as Harry Hart.

This movie certainly managed to attract a high quality cast particularly with the introduction of the new Statesman agency. Fans of the first movie with not be disappointed with same humour and gore scenes which proved popular in the past and continue in this movie. A runtime of 2 hours 20 minutes may feel a bit longer than necessary for some but that should not deter anyone from what is an entertaining high energy movie.

Rating 3/5

Bill Tubbritt


American Made Review

American Made is a biographical crime film directed by Doug Liman, written by Gary Spinelli and starring Tom Cruise The Movie is set in the 1980’s and follows the exploits  of Barry Seal, a former TWA pilot who became a drug smuggler at the time making more money than he knew what to do with. The Movie is based on the true story of this American super pilot and features Cruise doing what he does best in what seems like the perfect role for him to show what has kept him at the very top of the acting world for so long.The Story follows the life of Barry Seal a former TWA pilot who is initially signed up by the CIA to perform low flying photography missions for them. These missions sow the seeds that eventually lead to Seal beginning his multi-million dollar drugs and arms smuggling empire.

American Made is very entertaining to watch and has to be one of Cruises best for a while. The comparisons will of course be made with the Wolf of Wall St and that is certainly justified as both movies are true stories based on the main characters becoming filthy rich from there illegal activities. They are also both really good movies with fascinating story lines that ultimately lead to a very entertaining trip to the movies.

Rating 5/5

Bill Tubbritt

Atomic Blonde Review

This throwback to 1980’s cold war action thrillers Directed by David Leitch (John Wick), hits all the right notes with Charlize Theron perfectly cast in the titular role as Lorraine Broughton. She starts the movie in a bath tub of ice, battered and bruised and then heads to a debriefing of her mission, where the story begins as she proceeds to inform MI6 Agent Eric Gray (Toby Jones) & CIA Agent Emmet Kurzfeld (John Goodman) what happened on her mission in Berlin where she was tasked to find a secret file that has information about all the active agents in both the CIA & MI6, that was taken by a rouge Russian KGB Agent.

When Lorraine arrives in Berlin she meets her contact, another agent called David Percival (James McAvoy) who could or could not be a double agent. But before she has a chance to meet him, she is picked up by two KGB agents, this is where the action starts and there is very little let up of the action till the movie ends. Lorraine is very adept in fighting and uses a wide variety of objects to take out her enemies including a shoe, some rope, a hose and many others to boot.The movie is filled with beautifully choreographed fights that feel realistic and are wonderfully shot to keep you right in the action. I can’t express how much of a badass Charlize Theron is in this movie, she never lets up no matter how much she is beaten, and strives at every stop to not let anyone get in the way of her mission. I left the Cinema with a smile on my face and a banging 80’s soundtrack in my ears.

4/5 Stars

Ronan Sandford

Girls Trip Review

Girls Trip is the new hilarious comedy written by Kenya Barris & Tracy Oliver and is loosely based on their own experiences with their female friends. The movie stars Regina Hall, Queen Latifah, Tiffany Haddish, Jada Pinkett Smith, Larenz Tate and Mike Colter. The cast really gel together very well indeed with the four main characters having an excellent on screen chemistry. Extra credit needs to be given to Tiffany Haddish and Jada Pinkett Smith who play Dina & Lisa, providing a lot of the laughs throughout the movie and are by far a large part of what makes this movie so funny.

The movie follows the four main characters as they reunite after five years to go on a girl’s trip to New Orleans to attend the annual Essence Music Festival. There is a brilliant mix of back ground stories and personalities to the girls which set it up nicely for a wild weekend they will never forget. The Movie is almost split in two parts as the first half the humour just keeps coming at you  before slowing down just a little toward the second half as the four friends try to deal with some emotional baggage from their past and present.

The ladies of Hollywood are certainly fighting back these days as some of the biggest movies of the year so far have had mostly female leads, movies such as Hidden Figures, Wonder Women and Beauty and the Beast have already enjoyed huge success at the box office. Girl Trip looks to and deserves to continue that trend as it has to be one of the funnies comedies of the year so far with lots of laugh out loud moments.

Rating 4/5

Bill Tubbritt

Spider-Man: Homecoming Leirmheas


Cheapfá nach mbeafaí in ann scannán eile a chruthú as an scéal céanna ach geallaim duit cuirtear casadh úr agus spleodrach ar Spider-Man. Tá an scannán suite i suíomh ardscoil Meiriceánach tipiciúil. Is léir nach bhfuil an-ghean air Peter Parker (Tom Holland) ar scoil. Is iarmharán é agus is ball den chlub deacatlan é.

Tosaíonn Homecoming i ndiaidh an ionradh ar Nua-Eabhrac a bhí ar siúl i rith The Avengers, freagraíonn sé ceist an lucht féachana; cad a tharla den chathair tar éis an cogadh cathrach?

Tá go leor téamaí uilíocha tríd mar shampla, cairdeas faighimid léargas iontach den chairdeas idir Peter agus Ned. Is carachtar greannmhar, geanúil agus saoithín é Ned. Le linn an scannáin athraíonn a ról go dtí cúntóir nó mar a glaonn Spidey air “An fear sa chathair”. Tugann an scannán léargas úr ar fíor chairdeas.

Téama eile ná ógántacht. Ceapainn Peter go bhfuil sé réidh a bheith mar bhall den fhoireann mhór “The Avengers” ach tá Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr) ag déanamh meantóireacht air agus níl sé róchinnte. Tá an caidreamh idir athair/mac míchompordach  agus greannmhar fad is a fhorbraíonn sé.

Níl sé cáilithe mar laoch go fóill, agus caitheann sé cuid mhaith den scannáin ag dhéanamh cad a dhéanann déagóirí an lae inniu; ag déanamh botúin ollmhóra agus damáiste do gach rud ina dtreo.

Tá gnéithe den bhun-plota fite fuaite tríd go cliste agus go slítheánta, leis an ngnáthphlota agus cúpla casadh curtha leis. Tá an-tóir ar an scannán seo do pháistí, déagóirí, daoine fásta, fanaiceach Marvel nó duine nach bhfuil mórán suime acu i sárlaochra. Is léir go bhfuil rud éigean go gach duine sa scannán seo a ghluaiseann go tapaidh agus atá lán de bomaite grinn.

Cloisim daoine á rá gurbh é Tom Holland an “Spider-Man is fearr” agus caithfidh mé a rá go bhfuil mé i gcomhaontú leo. Tá Marvel tar éis cinntú go bhfuil Spider-Man slán sábháilte ina lámha.


Claire Ní Neachtain





Filmmakers Tour filmed in the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

Special event in Movies @ Gorey featuring a question and Answer session with the director (Phil Grabsky) and Zaneta Skimina and Michael Dwyer

Sunday 16th July @ 7pm


The show will be Hosted by Zaneta Skimina and Michael Dwyer and will feature an in-house Q&A with award winning director/producer Phil Grabsky. This show is a must for anybody interested in Van Gogh or art in general.

Phil Grabsky paints a picture of the Artist like never before, framing each shot of each

piece that fully immerses you in Van Gogh’s style and brush stroke. With great detail of the behind

the scenes work that is involved in creating the perfect exhibition, from the colour they paint the walls, to how they decide where each painting hangs and why the order is important.

Zaneta Skimina

Zaneta studied Modern Art in Fellini’ s Art Studio

She then worked in Fellini’s Art Gallery in Berlin for two years. She is

 currently working as a Supervisor in movies @ Gorey. She is an avid Van Gogh fan

Michael Dwyer

Michael is a 21 year old Gorey man. He recently completed his final-year exams at UCD, where he studied History and Politics as part of an Arts degree.

Michael has a strong interest in arts and heritage, particularly in local history around north Wexford. (Byrne Perry History Festival) He has worked in politics and journalism.

Enjoying complete and unprecedented access to the treasures of Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum, this a fresh new film about one of the world’s favorite artists, marking both a major   re-hanging of the gallery’s collection and a celebration of the 125th anniversary of Van Gogh’s death. Experience the wonder of seeing these masterpieces on the big screen while specially invited guests, including world-renowned curators and art historians, offer their interpretations and explanations of his work. Beautifully shot and making extensive use of.

Don’t miss out on this fascinating show on for one night only on 16th July,

Click here to Book Tickets

Léirmheas Despicable Me 3

Tá drochdhuine nua sa scannán Despicable Mé 3 “Baltazar Bratt”; gasúr réaltachta óna 80idí atá ag iarraidh díoltas a bhaint amach ar an domhan mar cuireadh a sheó teilifíse cáiliúil ar ceal. Spreagtha óna theaghlach uchtaigh; Margo (Miranda Cosgrave), Edith agus Anges tá Gru (Steve Carrell) tar éis a shaol coiriúlachat a fhágáil taobh thiar de ina ionad tá sé ag obair taobh le taobh lena bheanchéile nua Lucy (Kristen Wiig) mar gníomhaire i gcoinne na drochdhaoine.

Ní tuisce d’fhulaing sé go huafásach ina shaol ghairmiúla, cuireadh a shaol phearsanta bunoscionn chomh maith nuair a bhuaileann sé lena dheartháir anaithnid Dru. Tugann sé cuireadh dóibh cuairt a thabhairt dá bhaile dúcháis “Freedonia”. Oibríonn an beirt acu le chéile chun stop a chur le Baltazar Bratt.

Cé nach bhfuil ról lárnach acu i bplota an scannáin ach ar ndóigh feictear na Minions ionúine; Bob, Stuart, Kevin agus an Crú atá tar éis croí na ndaoine a mhealladh. B’fhéidir gurbh é an fáth le seo ná go bhfuil Universal ag obair ar scannán iomlán dírithe ar na Minions.

Tá an plota simplí agus uilíoch ach níl mórán téagar sa scannán mar shampla feicimid Lucy ag streachailt ina ról nua mar leasmháthair agus Agnes atá dúghafa le aonbheannach fíor a fháil ach faoi dheireadh an scannáin níl mórán réitithe. Ní é an scannán is fearr sa tríológ é ach is scannán taithneamhach é do pháistí agus tá roinnt scéalta grinn curtha isteach ann chun tuisimitheoirí a choinneál sásta.

Thit an domhan i ngrá leis na créatúir bheaga, buí i 2010 agus is léir go bhfuil sin go leor chun duine a mhealladh chun an scannán a feiceáil. Ar deireadh is scannán a bhfuil an-ghean ag daoine air mar sin mholfainn dul chun é a fheiceáil.


by Claire Naughton

Léirmheas Logan

Scannán foréigneach, eipiciúil, ach daonna é seo thar aon rud eile, cé go mbaineann sé leis na sárlaochra sóite atá aithne mhaith ag mórchuid leantóirí X-men orthu. Neamhchosúil leis an chuid is mó scannáin X-men a tháinig roimhe, áfach, bhí Logan stiúrtha ar nós scannán Western clasaiceach – agus déantar tagairt díreach orthu siúd nuair a bhíonn na príomhcharachtair ag féachaint ar radharc Unforgiven, ag Clint Eastwood, i seomra óstáin. Ní chuirtear mórán béime ar chuimsiú sóisialta na “ndaoine difriúla” sa scannán seo toisc go bhfuil sé dírithe níos mó ar theaghlach, misneach agus an coimhlint idir an mhaith agus an t-olc.

Tarlaíonn scéal an scannáin seo sa bhliain 2029, agus baineann sé leis an t-aon duine sóite atá fágtha – Logan, a dtugtar Wolverine air. Tosnaíonn sé le radharc ina bhfeictear a chró fólaigh agus cuid dá shaol mar thiománaí meánaosta atá dobrónach, gan aird sa saol. Níl comhluadar aige ach Caliban agus Professor X, atá taomanna air chomh cumhachtach lena hinchinn neamhghnách. Nuair a bhualann Logan le cailín sóite a bhí faoi chúram bhanaltra Meicsiceach, áfach, faigheann sé cuspóir nua lena shaol – ach ní gan dúshláin a thagann an deis “tuistithe” sin: tá namhad sa tóir uirthi agus ar pháistí eile atá cumhacht osnádúrtha orthu. An eireoidh le Wolverine iad a chosaint?

Briseann Logan cliché a bhaineann le páistí san earnáil scannánaíochta: in áit daoine óga gleoite sobhriste, feictear sárlaochra atá ábalta tiomáint, foirgnimh a thógáil, agus nach bhfuil eagla orthu namhaid a mharú – ach is páistí iad fós, agus is féidir é sin a aithint anois is arís, go háirithe nuair a bhíonn Laura (páiste Logan) ag súgradh.

Is greannmhar na himeartais focail le cúrsaí reatha Mheiriceá sa scannán seo: úsáidtear “fake news” nuair a dúirt Laura gur féidir teacht ar Eden na ndaoine sóite i Meiriceá, agus ní chreideann Logan ar an scéal. Chomh maith leis, Donald is ainm leis an namhad nua atá ag na X-men. Is cosúil gur faisean nua atá ann do na scannáin sárlaochra amach anseo.

Logan by Natalia Ui Fhailain


Royal Opera: Madama Butterfly

Puccini’s “Madam Butterfly” from Covent Garden,

 Thurs, March 30th at 7.15pm at SGC Dungarvan by Jim Ryan

Booking now open –

                         Back in the dreary days of January, on a trip to Prague, I attended five operas, including a superbly sung “Madam Butterfly”, which was received with loud applause by an enthusiastic audience; as so often, they were moved by the fate of the ill-starred heroine. Puccini is one of the most popular of all opera composers and his operas are among the most performed worldwide every year. His ‘fans’ are in for a treat at the SGC, Dungarvan, with ‘Butterfly’ coming from the Covent Garden, one of the world’s greatest opera houses. Incidentally, followers of modern-day musicals will find a retelling of the opera in “Miss Saigon”. Of further interest to Irish Puccini-lovers is the fact that the composer himself in his assessment of singers of the heroine’s role, declared Mayo-born Margaret Burke-Sheridan (who died in 1958), to be “the only Butterfly”. Leontyne Price, Renate Tebaldi, Victoria de los Angeles and the great Callas have been among the greatest modern interpreters of this, one of the most coveted of all operatic roles.

‘Madam Butterfly’, Puccini’s 6th opera, was first performed on February, 17th, 1904, at La Scala, Milan. Despite having renowned principals (two all-time greats, tenor Giovanni Zenatello and the renowned baritone, Guiseppe de Luca – the latter’s ‘Traviata’ and ‘Rigoletto’ duet recordings with Amelita Galli-Curci are treasures), it was a failure; jeers and catcalls greeted much of its second act. Puccini withdrew it, revised it and only three months later, at Brescia on May 28th, it was greeted with approval and sustained applause. Soon it was an operatic smash hit and ever since it has remained one of the most performed of all operas. It was first performed at Covent Garden in 1905, with Caruso, Antonio Scotti and the peerless Czech soprano, Emmy Destinn – some said she has never had an equal as Butterfly (on a trip to Prague in January, I saw a statue of her in her native city).

My friend, Tommy O’Brien, of RTE Radio fame, was an ardent Puccini ‘fan’ and considered ‘Butterfly’ one of the greatest of all operas. I have written hitherto of how Tommy, playing recordings of the opera, often illustrated for me, at his home in Clonmel, the subtleties and beauties of the composer’s musical genius.

‘Butterfly’ was first performed at The Metropolitan Opera in New York, on Feb, 11th, 1907 – one of my favourite LPs has the recorded highlights of the Met’s first ‘Butterfly’ with Geraldine Farrar, Enrico Caruso, Antonio Scotti and Louise Homer – a cast for the ages! After hearing Caruso in the opera, a critic wrote: “What is he? He is not a singer. He is not a voice. He is a miracle”. Puccini wrote: “Caruso was magnificent, singing like a god”. The libretto is based on a play by David Belasco, which Puccini saw in The Duke of York Theatre, London, in June 1900. He realised the possibilities for an opera based on a clash of American and Japanese cultures.

The tragic tale concerns Cio San, the Japanese fifteen-year-old geisha girl known as Butterfly, who renounces family and religion to marry American naval lieutenant, Benjamin Franklin Pinkerton’. This faithless cad has no intention of making it a permanent marriage. The passionate duet in which they pledge their love, “Un Po di Vero C’e” is one of the most gorgeous duets in all opera. But, from then on it’s a moving story, with the ever-faithful girl being the loser. There’s some lovely music: there’s “One Fine Day”, one of the most loved of all soprano arias, and there’s the Flower Duet, just to mention but a few highlights.

‘Madame Butterfly’ is perennially among the top five in terms of performances annually. Any opera house manager who wants to make a few Euros need look no further than this opera. In the fifty years following its first performance at The ‘Met’ it was performed there an astonishing 360 times. It’s arguably the most popular opera ever composed and it will, no doubt, bring a big audience to The SGC, Dungarvan on March 30th.  (Jim Ryan)


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