Directed by F. Javier Gutiérrez and written by David Loucka Rings is the third instalment from the American franchise originally taken from the Japanese 1998 psychological horror movie Ringu. The first American remake was back in 2002 and certainly was one of the big horror movies of that year with people even refusing to have a TV in the bedroom after watching. Unfortunately the concept now seems a little dated at this stage and probably won’t have the same audience fear factor as before.  It definitely wouldn’t be a Rings movie without some classic VHS tapes and you won’t be disappointed as they do make a brief appearance before moving over to computer video files in an attempt to update the Rings franchise to the digital age.

This movie again follows the same concept as before except this time there is a Video within the video that nobody has noticed before. After a very disappointing open scene the plot opens up with the introduction of Holt and Julia, a college couple who are separated due to college commitments. They keep in contact via skype while apart until one day Holt just disappears without a trace. When Julia goes to her boyfriend’s college to try to find her him she meets up with his college science teacher Gabriel, played by Johnny Galecki who is of course Leonard Hofstadter in The Big Bang Theory. Gabriel had seen the famous video that causes the watcher to dies exactly 7 days after watching it.  After he started a club for people who had also seen it called “The Ring Experiment” they soon discover the video within the video that holds the key to stopping the 7 day curse.

Rings is not a hard movie to follow but definitely you need to pay attention to the plot or you might find yourself losing interest. There is a nice twist at the end which makes things interesting. Overall it’s not a bad movie.

Rating 5/10

By Bill Tubbritt