Jackie Review

Most people young and old will understand the significant of the date November 22, 1963 in US history. It is of course the day that one of the most popular American Presidents of all time was assassinated in Dallas Texas. Directed by Pablo Larraín and written by Noah Oppenheim, Jackie recalls the events on that faithful day and the aftermath that followed, seen through the eyes of the iconic first lady Jacqueline Kennedy.

The lead role in this movie is played by Natalie Portman who seems right at home in this part. Her portrayal of Jackie is flawless and much deserving of the many positive reviews and of course her best actress Oscar nomination which she is being hotly tipped as one of the front runners for the award. Also starring in Jackie was John Hurt in his last movie release before his passing in late January 2017.

The movie follows the life of the first lady at first in the White house leading up to the assignation of her husband. After her whole world is turned upside down Jackie quickly learns that her every move and decision is been scrutinized by everyone from the Public to journalists and even politicians. Jackie knows all her moves and actions in the immediate weeks following the assignation are most important. As she struggles to deal with her faith, children and the grief of such a tragic loss she also must consider the legacy of her husband which is very important to her.

The movie focuses on Theodore H. White’s Life magazine interview with the widow at Hyannis Port, Massachusetts in 1963 approximately one week after the assignation. The interview reveals a lot of graphic details about the events of that day which are shown in the movies courtesy of flash backs

Jackie is a fascinating watch with a lot of credit going to Portman for a very strong and convincing performance in what must have been a very difficult part to play due to a public obsession with both the woman herself and of course the truth of what really happened that day.

Rating 7/10

Bill Tubbritt