Assassins Creed sees Michael Fastbender taking the lead role in this video game crossover movie from the gaming franchise of the same name. This type of videogame adaption has a pretty miserable track record with classic game titles such as Mario Bros, Warcraft & Tomb Raider having already been done with much mixed results. It might be a bit early to say if Assassins Creed will continue this trend but early signs are ominous. Assassins Creed does have the advantage of a very healthy movie budget of 125 million dollars which is very clear to see where it was used as the visual effects and stunt scenes are quite stunning on the big screen and also boasting an award winning cast of well know actors such as Michael Fassbender, Marion Cotillard, Jeremy Irons and Brendan Gleeson.

The Movie begins with a young Callum Lynch who comes home one day in find his mother has been killed by his father played by Brendan Gleeson. Quickly quick forward 30 years to present day and we find Callum now being played by fastbender has now grown up to be a career criminal and bad boy. After been convicted of murder callum is sentenced to execution but is rescued just in time and his death being faked by the Abstergo Foundation. When he is transported back to their complex he meets scientist Sofia and her father Rikkin who attempt to explain their plan to find the Apple of Eden which was created by an ancient civilization and contains the genetic code for human free will. Of course the plan involved the use of a new type of virtual reality type time machine which they plan to test on callum to send him back to 16th century Spain in an effort the find where the Apple was last hide by Callum ancestor.

This movie can be very hard to follow as the plot is very complicated and not very well explained. Can also be a little dull at times but saying that the visual effects and actions scenes do go a long way to keeping the audience entertained. Gaming fans will appreciate the videogame style cinematography which is used a lot a lot.

Rating 2.5/5