Written and directed by Kelly Fremon Craig the Edge of Seventeen is an America Teen comedy-Drama that follows the life of a teenage girl dealing with growing up in a complicated world. Don’t be fooled by the description this is not another dull teen movie. This largely very young cast may not be big names that everyone will be familiar with but I think there are names you will be seeing around for a long time. Especially Hailee Steinfeld who plays the lead role of Nadine Franklin in the movie. She is definitely the main ingredient as to why this movie has worked so well, linking her character with Mr. Bruner played by Woody Harrelson provided us with some of the funniest scenes in the movie.


Good to see Woody back doing some comedy again as nobody can do dry humour like he can. The movie is classed as a Comedy-Drama and that is exactly what is it, but maybe with the slight hint of romance thrown in for good measure. Definitely Kelly Fremon Craig has covered all the bases in finding every conceivable teenage problem for Nadine Franklin to deal with.

Edge of Seventeen

The Movie starts with Nadine telling her teacher Mr Bruner that she wants to kill herself. This is done in a tongue in cheek way and My Bruner only proceeds to make fun of her. This is where the movie quickly shows us that Nadine’s main adult support comes from her teacher and that supportive relationship continues throughout the entire movie. Nadine is a socially awkward teenage girl who has only ever had one friend who whole life. After her father dies at a young age Nadine suffers with slight depression due to finding it hard to deal with that situation as she was very close to her father. She is also very jealous of her brother as she thinks he has the perfect life with his good Looks, Charm and popularity. When Nadine’s only friend starts to date her brother things change between the two friends and she finds herself on her own trying find her way through the complicated maze that is teenage life.

Edge of Seventeen

This is a very clever and well put together movie, especially with casting and the use of the characters throughout. It’s not slapstick funny but more well timed dry humour that keeps in line with the theme.

Rating 3.5/5