The Accountant Review

Ben Affleck plays complicated character Christian Wolff in this action thriller with an equally complicated plot. Rain man was the first movie to portray a character suffering with autism as having special gifts, The accountant takes this a step further by turning gifts into super powers as Wolff not only is a mathematical genius but also a seemingly unstoppable fighting machine with razor sharp shooting skills, throw in the fact that he is not much of a talker and we may also see resembles to recent movie characters such as Jack Reacher and Jason Bourne.

The Accountant

Written by Bill Dubuque and directed by Gavin O’Connor, who has assembled a very impressive cast with big names such as Ben Affleck, Anna Kendrick, J. K. Simmons, Jon Bernthal, Jeffrey Tambor and John Lithgow which should ensure a lot of box office interest and the continuation of the warner Bros/ Affleck relationship beyond the upcoming Batman Movie. The Movie Follows our main character Christian from his childhood where he is trying to come to terms with his diagnosis of autism along with his family. His father is a very strict military man and decides the best way forward is to expose his son to all his fears so he can learn to deal when them and also teach him to fight. Flash forward to present day and Christian is now an accountant who specialises in uncooking the books of some of the most unsavoury criminals in town. When he is giving the job of trying to find a missing 61 million dollars in the book of a robotics firm Christian uncovers more then he bargains for and must use all his skills to stay alive and find the truth behind it all.

The plot seems to be evolving all the time and your attention is called for throughout the entire movie with sub plots being added even up to 20 minutes from the end of the movie. This definitely explains why its turns out to be quiet a lengthy. Overall if you can keep up with the pace you will enjoy.
By Bill Tubbritt