Justice has a new face, and now so too could the X-Men universe.

The merc with a mouth is on a roll as Deadpool, in a matter of days, has triumphantly smashed box office records, raking in an estimated $260 million globally, against a budget of only $58 million. Not too shabby. The adventures of Marvel’s most unconventional superhero can hold its foul-mouthed head high as it is earns the crown for the first ever R-rated opening to earn over $100 million, wiping the floor with Fifty Shades of Grey which pulled in $82.5 million this time last year. Moreover, Deadpool, directed by Tim Miller and starring Ryan Reynolds, is now also the highest-grossing February debut of all time, proving that when it comes to box office numbers, size most certainly does matter.

DeadpoolDeadpool has given a powerful rise to a new class of superhero, one not restrained by PG ratings, giving a green light to Fox to charge full steam ahead with an R-rated X-Force movie. The X-Force comics star Deadpool, so it only makes sense to have the first film operate as a Deadpool sequel, which seems to be the plan, and undoubtedly a pretty lucrative one. It looks like the X-Men universe has been irrevocably changed, and judging by the supercharged welcome Deadpool has received, it is a change much desired. For those of you yet to experience this particular superhero’s personal style of justice served with a heaped side of bad ass attitude, don’t fret, there is plenty of Deadpool to go around! The delightfully warped crusader continues to wreak havoc in a theatre near you right now!