A Christmas Star

by Grace Collender


Step into Christmas early this year with the charming festive flick, A Christmas Star. The first ever Irish Christmas film, Richard Elson’s enchanting movie is the work of Cinematic International Film and Television Festival for Young People. Made by kids, for kids, A Christmas Star has a sparkling energy which will uplift all who experience it.

images (1)             A sense of magic is sparked from the very beginning in this cheery tale. The night sky is alive with twinkling stars on Christmas Eve, one in particular out-shining them all, the Christmas star. Under this magical light, Noelle O’Hanlon (Erin Galway Kendrick) is born. As she grows up, it becomes evident that Noelle is no ordinary little girl; she possesses a very special gift – she can perform miracles. In her quaint town of Potter’s Glen, a sleepy Northern Irish hamlet, Noelle uses her miraculous powers to spread peace and happiness by bestowing onto her friends and family the greatest gift of all, love. However, the arrival of ruthless business man, Pat McKerrod (Downton Abbey’s Rob images (3)James-Collier), threatens to destroy all of that. Intent on bulldozing the town’s pride and joy, its snow-globe manufacturing pottery barn, to make way for a commercial Christmas resort, McKerrod’s Grinch-esque character must be stopped before all is lost. With the help of her faithful friends, Noelle sets out to use her powers to save her beloved town. While some big names pop up in this heart-warming story, such as Kylie Minogue, Pierce Brosnan and Liam Neeson, who delivers a delightfully witty narration, it is undeniably thimages (4)e talented young cast who steal the show. Erin Galway Kendrick delivers a beautiful performance as the lead and James Stockdale, as Noelle’s best friend Spud-Bob, possesses an arresting screen presence, as well as spot-on comic timing. Over 40 trainee crew members, aged between 18 and 25, worked alongside industry professionals on this project, imbuing the film with a fresh, spirited energy.
Reminding us of the true meaning of Christmas, friendship and forgiveness, A Christmas Star is this year’s must-see Yuletide film. So this Christmas, prepare to believe in miracles.