With the new Disney/Pixar collaboration, The Good Dinosaur, looking set to extract more than a few tears from those emotionally psyched to brave it, let’s reminisce on past times the duo summoned up a serious case of the sniffles. Because let’s face it, there is no escaping these feels.

5: Inside Out

bing bong

Oh Bing Bong, you’re as sweet as your cotton candy casing. This noble sacrifice made by Bing Bong for Reily without a doubt had viewers weeping into their popcorn. Mmm extra salty.

4: Monsters Inc.

Monsters Inc.

We feel your pain Sully; having to bid farewell to Boo nearly broke us too.

3: Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo

Dory made us all laugh and cry and laugh and cry and laugh and cry… It was an emotional roller-coaster. (One that’s set to continue conveying us to new highs and plummeting us to deep lows as Finding Dory is coming to the big screen next year… just keep swimming folks).

2: Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3

So cruel. So very, very cruel.

1: Up


If this heartrending scene didn’t reduce you to a blubbering mess, what is your malfunction?

It’s official; the individuals at Disney/Pixar are monsters. And yet, we eagerly return for more heartbreak every time. Why? Well, they just conjure up the sweetest of sorrows. The Good Dinosaur, November 27, bring it on.

 By Grace Collender