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Mr HolmesIt is 1947, and Sherlock Holmes lives in the peace and quiet of his Sussex home, surrounded by the bees he keeps, as well as his housekeeper and her son. Sherlock is 93 now, and as he attempts to recall the details of his last case, he finds that the minutiae begin to slip away from him.

With the inevitable decline of dementia creeping up on him, Sherlock tracks his memory loss with every passing day, and frantically struggles to document the case of Ann Kelmot. The details escape him more and more, but he is desperate to record it as he knows it happened, and not in the sensational way that Dr John Watson wrote down their adventures. Can Britain’s sharpest mind overcome the trials of memory loss?

This is Sherlock Holmes as you have never seen him before, played to perfection by star of stage and screen, Ian McKellen (The Hobbit: the Battle of the Five Armies). With supporting performances from Laura Linney (The Fifth Estate), Roger Allam (The Book Thief) and Hiroyuki Sanada (The Railway Man), Mr Holmes is a moving and gripping story about a national treasure, and his life after the end of his detective career.