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Insidious Chapter 3Things don’t seem to be going well for teenager Quinn Brenner. Having moved into a new apartment block with her family, an accident has left her temporarily bed-ridden with some broken bones.

Consoled by a crush on the boy next door, things soon take a sinister turn when she is stalked in her home by a nasty supernatural being. As the incidents intensify, the family soon seek the help of a gifted psychic named Elise who quickly finds herself dealing with a deadly force – can she prevent Quinn from being locked in ‘the further’ forever?

Insidious Chapter 3 is a prequel in the hit franchise and jumps back to a time before the ill-fated Lambert family were targeted by the mean-spirited ghoul in the first two films. Horror veteran Lin Shaye (Ouija, Dead End) reprises her role as Elise Rainier whilst multi-talented starlet Stefanie Scott (No Strings Attached, Wreck-It-Ralph) takes the lead as Quinn.

Leigh Whannell makes his directorial debut in this latest instalment, however this is a man who is no stranger to horror, with writing credits on a host of genre hits including Saw (2004), Saw III (2006), Cooties (2014) as well as all three Insidious movies.