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SpyThe world is in danger. A nuclear bomb lies in an unknown location, threatening to wreak havoc, and the only person who can say where it is knows the identities of all the CIA’s top agents. To save the world from disaster, they need someone fresh who can take on the responsibility. Cue Susan Cooper – a CIA analyst who so far has only seen action from behind her desk.

Top agent Elaine Crocker is tasked with transforming Susan into the spy she has always wanted to be, but this is not as easy as they had all hoped. Susan has to learn all the tricks of the trade in record time and convince everyone that she is the right woman for the job. Will she succeed in saving the world from total destruction?

Written and directed by Paul Feig, whose previous successes include the 2011 hit, Bridesmaids, Spy is an exciting action comedy that pays homage to the world of espionage in the most hilarious way. Starring Melissa McCarthy – one of Hollywood’s favourite funny-women, this is a thoroughly entertaining film that is not to be missed.