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It’s the end of the world, and a terrible flood is coming, set to wipe out all life as it is known. The good news is, a huge Ark has been constructed to save all the animals, which is great news to Dave and his son, Finny – two quirky creatures known as Nestrians.

Having already breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that they will be saved, the father/son duo are in for a real shock when they learn that Nestrians aren’t on Noah’s list and won’t be getting on the Ark.

Refusing to take no for an answer, the pair attempt to sneak their way onto the highly exclusive boat, enlisting the help of Hazel and her daughter, Leah – two Grymps who unknowingly become a part of the Nestrians’ ploy to climb aboard. The four creatures climb aboard incognito, until Leah and Finny topple off the Ark!

As Finny and Leah fight for their life against the treacherous floods, fending off the dangerous predators, it’s up to Dave and Hazel to do everything they can to turn the Ark around and return for their kids.